Calcium absorption in fruit trees
adjust during the summer for better storage

Sufficient calcium absorption remains a problem in many fields. Calcium, together with Silicon, is of great importance ro form strong cell walls in the plant, but especially in the fruit. Stronger cell wall means harder fruit and better, longer storage.

The 5 weeks after flowering are the most important period for calcium absorptions. During this period the cells are formed and maximum calcium absorption is crucial.

We recommend spraying 15L  of CaTs weekly for the first 5 weeks after flowering.

For organic cultivation, we recommend 5kg of Elitho every week after flowering.

The absorption is further improved by adding a low dose of Stimulus amino acids and a little bit of boron (Asboro).

With CaTs, adjustments can even be mede during the summer, if it turns out in June that the level is too low.

In addition to better storage, this also makes it easier for the tree to produce new buds in the autumn.

Calcium catch-up: 
2 applications 4 weeks before picking

In June, the calcium level on this Conference plot was slightly above the long-term average (PCfruit analyses)

After 2 sprays in the summer, calcium rises to a level not reached before.

This is rewarded with a hardness score of 7 and a rating "suitable for long-term storage"

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Napagro bvba, Luc Meeuwissen 22 October, 2019
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