Exit Drosophila Suzukii
DS Mix fends off the annoying Suzukii

Nice Suzuki

Annoying Suzuki

Weapen against pesky Suzuki

The Asian fruit fly seems less present this year. For those who suffer from it, we recommend DS-Mix from Plantosys with the approach below

  • monitoring with traps for a good picture of the intensity of the infestation

  • hygienic measures: remove overripe fruits

  • apply DS-Kalk - foliar fertilizer with repellent effect against Drosophila Suzukii

  • apply Cuprum - foliar fertilizer with plant-strengthening effect against bacteria and fungi

  • apply ManZincum foliar fertilizer with a repellent effect against Drosophila suzukii, spider mites and wasps

By applying this combination, the following happens:

  • The lime (97% Ca(OH)2) raises the pH. With Ds-Kalk a pH of approximately 12 is obtained on the leaf. This is not a problem for the leaves and the fruits themselves, but this will suffocate the eggs and larvae of the Drosophila. In addition, the high pH also has a repellent effect on fungi such as powdery mildew and Botrytis. Some fungi are less able to live in a pH of 12 and others not at all.
  • The particles in the micro-copper (Cuprum), micro-manganese and micro-zinc (ManZincum) have a positive electrical charge. This charge causes the particles to stick to the negatively charged leaves like small magnets. A number of effects occur side by side.

  • The lime remains much longer on the leaf. No effect of only 2 days - as with the application of only lime - but of 6 to 7 days. The Cuprum and ManZincum have a flowing and adhesive effect.

  • The high pH affects the respiratory tubes of both the Drosophila egg and the larva and suffocates the eggs and larvae. 

  • Because the Botrytis is also reduced (side effect of the lime) fewer odor signals are emitted that attract the Drosophila flies to the plant and the decoy traps become more attractive.

  • Mn and Zn themselves have a repellent effect on insects in general. So the Drosophila, but also on spider mites, gall mites and wasps. Wasps, in particular, sting healthy fruits, with which extra scent signals are issued from these fruits, which in turn attract Drosphila Suzukii. Fewer wasps, fewer scent signals, less Drosophila

Additional benefits

The recommended dose of DS-Kalk does not leave any residue. This application has no waiting time, nore security period. It is also safe for the consuming. Of the taste panel that evaluated this trial in strawberries, 90% could not taste any difference between treated and untreated strawberries. And the other 10% indicated that they tasted a small  difference, but could not say what exactly. Furthermore, no reviewer did not like strawberries.

For cherries and blackberries (with a higher risk of limescale stains), the lime liquid can be mixed a day in advance in a separate tank. Any hard-to-dissolve particles settle out. The next day, fill your spray tank from the center of this pre-mix tank. Reducing Ds-Lime from 150g to 125g per 100L is also possible.

And finally: one traetment costs about 60 euros per hectare, depending on the number of liters of water used. Treatment to be repeated weekly from first fruit (or first catch of DS flies) until the end of harvest.

Exit Drosophila Suzukii
Office 22 October, 2019
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