Growing tray plants without loss ... ... and without disinfection
biological approach equally effective in strawberries

The disinfection of tray plant is coming to an end with the last means that are lost. We see no reason to panic: the organic approach has been extensively tested and proven. This makes it possible to grow strong plants without loss.

By occupying the roots with a wide selection of micro-organisms, plant development is stimulated. Pathogens are controlled by competition. Several applications have been tested and approved: dipping spraying, raining in. You choose what suits you best.

Inagro tests on Sonata

Our protocol comes very well from a trail at inagro, in which plants were infected with Phytophthora.

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Summer production under small tunnels: The grower sees no difference with the (chemically disinfected) control racks

Napagro bvba, Luc Meeuwissen 23 October, 2019
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