Injection mycorrhizae with a spoked wheel from Duport
To prevent soil fatigue after replanting.

Injecting Micosat MO Fruit into existing plantations

micorrhizae, bacteria and trichodermae

Mycorrhizae increase the absorption network of the roots, lower the nematode pressure and make more minerals available, including the release of captured phosphorus. These soil fungi are best administered in a mix with the right bacteria and trichodermae, to achieve optimal symbiosis and mutual protection.

Micosat MO Fruit is such a mix, specifically tailored for fruit trees. Micosat MO Fruit is dissolved in water and injected into the soil at 7kg/ha by means of a spoked wheel injector.

For new plantings, the saplings can also be dipped in a solution of MO Fruit and dipgel.

A predominance of healthy soil life leaves less room for harmful soil organisms. a Micosat treatment can give existing plantations with poor growht new momentum. The application also gives better road growth  when replanting on existing plots.

With the Duport injection wheel , the mycorrhizae are introduced directly into the root zone. Of course, this wheel is also excellent for injecting iron, without having the wait for rain. You can see a video of the wheel in action.Here

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Injection mycorrhizae with a spoked wheel from Duport
Office 22 October, 2019
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