Plant enhancer with good effect on hardness and storage
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Kiplant VS-04 is a plant enhancer with a good effect on hardness and fruit storage. The absorption of Calcium is promoted, the brix is higher. The development of fungi is inhibited.


Results on raspberry, applied 2x at 3L/ha just before flowering and 2 weeks later.

The following analyzes were performed for 2 picking dates (16/10 and 25/10)

  • height of 20 fruits

  • harness through a compression test on PC fruit

  • fruit juice analysis by NovaCropcontrol

the day after picking: 42% difference in compression (and 19% after 7 days)
the fruit size is 8% higher on average over the 3 measurements

Calcium and % sugar are higher at a lower pH: this combination provides a more pronounced taste.

The photos after 51 days (!) in the refrigerator speak for themselves.

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Office 22 October, 2019
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