Planting red berries
visibly better growth

This November 2018 planting shows a clearly better start of the plant planted with the Napagro protocol.

We especialy note a big differece in the side shoots. For the side shoots of more than 30cm in length, which should bear the fruit next season, we measured more than 70% higher total shoot length on 30 October 2019 compared to the untreated row next to it.

Stem growth was measured in mid-February and was 56cm compared to only 44cm for the untreated row.

The total productive growth (+30cm shoots + gestalt) is therefore considerably higher than the control.

The protocol consists of simultaneously scattering 2 granules in the planting hole:

  • micosat F Uno contains a mix of myorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma.

  • Fusion contains a mix of food for biology and food for the tree.

A promising combination!

Napagro bvba, Luc Meeuwissen 4 November, 2019
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