Strip cultivation results 2020

Soil structure visibly improved

In the 2nd year of the strip cultivation trial at Van den Borne Aardappelen, the soil structure has furthur improved, the root ball falls apart nicely, without sharp edges.

The most striking thing is NOT visible: the ground smells different from the normal plots , slightly more forest floor smell.

Do you want to see this for yourself? Send us a message and we'll invite you for a tour with a few colleagues.

Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Comparison with adjacent maize field

We have not kept any 'control' plots on the Strip cultivation. We are going for a big difference on the entire plot.
The plot that borders the test plot on the left at the rear has been in use for the same length of time (reclamation 1963/1964), in the same rotation, the same fertilization approach, etcetera.
We use this plot as 'control' in terms of soil structure and soil life. Look at the sharp clods (after maize) and compare with the crumble flans on the Strip cultivation plot. Also a nice defference in color!

All cultivations are done without fertilizer. We use compost, vitalized cattle slurry (with impact powder), Plant Catalyst (micellar, water with lignite), multiple passes with compost tea, rock flower, vitalized seed, planting material and seeds, soil improvers for faster digestion and stimulation of soil fungi,...

During cultivation we adjust with trace elements and amino acids , i.e. leaf sap analyzes and/or heat stress.

The goal is to keep photosynthesis going at al times so that the rhizosphere can convert plant exudates into stable carbon.

In 3 years time we want to have a resilient soil that can withstand the comparison with an organic plot.

65 tons of onions (on the strip that has not been sprayed) 65 tot 70 tons of Lady Anna on the potato strips, which actually fell silent 4-5 weeks early (!). 1x additional fertilization with a thin fraction of pig manure in the row clearly increased the yield, which can be extended for next season.

Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

Nice structure of harvesting 70 tons of potatoes without fertilizer


At the top of the ground of the adjacent maize plot, at the bottom the strip cultivation.  Look at the color difference!

Top dressing with slurry between the rows.

In the potato in Strip cultivation and fertilizer-free trails, we additionally fertilized with this beautiful machine: 15 and 20m³ of thin pig slurry (about 2,5kg N)

Most fertilizer runs nicely along the plants in the furrow between the rows . Here and there something lingers on the leaf, but afterwards we did not see any burning.

The fertilizing effect is clearly visible in the crop position 10 days later.