Combi-approach in maize
fertilize differently - digest better - apply biology

A three-year trail on a plot in Postel (B) shows that our combination approach works 

Combi-approach Napagro:

  • Slurry in 2 doses: 15 m³ as soon as possible on the green manure, 25 m³ just before sowing

  • No fertilizer

  • Alasso when working in the green manure: enzymes for faster digestion and boosting fungi

  • Broad biology  coating on the seed (mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma

Control (classical cultivation method)

  • 40m³ of slurry in one go just before sowing

  • supplemented with approximately 24N manure

The difference is obvious in the photos.

The result can be even better by adding 2L of Stimulus to the weed control. We then see less inhibition of the herbicide and better cop development.

In this case , there is a net additional yeeld of more than 200 eur/ha purely on the basis of VEM/DVE cost. Added to this are the advantages of the biology on the seed: more vitamins A and E and more anti-oxidants (better storage and good for cow health), better digestion, higher levels.

Finally, we also find significantly less nitrate in the soil throughout the growing season. So no bad news from the monitoring wells.

The video below was shot from the center of the control strip. It is clear that the maize is in much worse condition than the treated strips on the 2 sides.

NAPAGRO BV, Luc Meeuwissen October 22, 2019
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