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Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Regenerative or circular agriculture has been high on our agenda since 2016, even before those terms were really popular.

Agriculture and livestock farming benefit from a total system approach. By looking at all aspects of a crop or livestock business, we avoid an improvement being negated by wrong actions or practices elsewhere in the cycle.

For many customers, this also means updating their knowledge, especially about soil biology. We are happy to take care of this knowledge transfer.

The transition to a circular approach does not mean that everything has to be overhauled.

Fortunately, there are simple interventions that allow everyone to start in small steps.

The broad approach requires a lot of knowledge. To do this, we draw on a broad network of fellow advisers, soil specialists and suppliers.

Fascinated by innovation, we are also making great strides in quantum agriculture, with vetalizers and more.

Luc Meeuwissen