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Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

The Bretons of Gaïago have a nice range that is profitable even in low-balancing arable crops. Soil improvement through faster digestion of crop residues, reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms, urease inhibition and multiplication of good soil life through a sophisticated diet. The soil visibly changes its structure. Azotobacters and the  mucilaginosus bacteria provide extra nitrogen and release of captured minerals. Very easy to apply with the field sprayer, combination with certain other agents possible.

Free N-100

Nitrogen at the rhythm of the plant

By stimulating Azotobacter, Free N provides an extra supply of +/- 20 to 30 units of Nitrogen. The Azotobacters lives in symbiosis with the plant in the rizhospere, extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere and giving it to the plant in exchange for plant sugar.
Azotobacters can not be washed out. The more nitrogen the plant can use, the harder it makes the azotobacters work.

To be dosed  as soon as some roots are present. Can also be used in drip irrigation. Ask for the extensive testresults in many crops. Ideal nitrogen supplement in organic crops.

Free PK

Releases captured minerals

The Bacillus mucilaginosus releases the captured minerals in the soil through acid secretion and enzyme production. The result is a demonstrable increase in minerals in the plant sap. The plant suffers less from shortages and can grow fully.

Can be dosed together with Free N. Ask about the strong results in forage grass: up to, 100% more Ca and 80% more Mg; nice increase in VEM/ ha in combination with Alasso and Free N

Deze bacterie is trouwens een sterke rhizosfeer bezetter waardoor hij ook minder kans laat aan pathogene organismen.

Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

FreeN + Free PK as the perfect combi

Op de streep af ... links werd Free N + Free PK samen toegepast, 
16 dagen voor het nemen van de foto.
(Klunderhoeve Melkvee - Deventer)


Digests crop residues, inhibits pathogens

Alasso helps to digest crop residues faster. As a result, the rhizosphere bacteria suffer less from the degradation products that are released during anaerobic digestion. Soil life will flourish more. The result is a soil with better air and water permeability. Alasso is applied at the beginning or end of cultivation, eg on grain or maize stubble or for the incorporation of winter cover.

Alasso also has an inhibotory effect on a number of pathogenic organisms. They simply have a harder time developing because Alasso creates an environment in which they do less well.

Blader even door de presentatie onderaan om een paar mooie voorbeelden te ontdekken. Bel ons voor de juiste toepassing in uw teelt.


Improves soil life and the N-Cycle

Nutrigeo improves soil life and especially increases the number of soil fungi. Thes play an important role in fixing carbon. The good soil life leaves less room for the bad ... so that soil diseases are reduced.

Nutrigeo optimaliseert ook de stikstof cyclus en vermindert vervluchtiging door urease.

Nutrigeo contains a part of Alasso and also breaks down cultivation residues with it. Can be used all year round. Is an ideal Bed & Breakfast to receive the 2 Free's. The combination of Gaïago products often gives a synergy effect.

Try the combination of Alasso + Free N + Free MIN from 119 euros/ha. A soil investment that pays for itself 2 to 3 times even in the lowest netting grain crops.

The effect of Nutrigeo as a soil life booster

Nutrigeo trapt het bodemleven terug in gang en zorgt vooral voor een toename van de gunstige schimmelpopulaties

Betere vertering, betere opname van mineralen, minder stikstofverliezen, rullere structuur door glomalineproductie.

Nutrigeo werd hier toegepast op de graanstoppel in augustus 2020.

Het effect in de groenbemester was erg duidelijk. En dat blijft zo in de maïsteelt.  Notabene op het slechtere deel van het perceel …



14% hoger kolfgewicht in de maïs die 40L Nutrigeo kreeg!

  • Augustus 2020: 40L Nutrigeo gespoten op graanstoppel ... op het slechtere stuk van het peceel
  • Autumn 2020: clearly more mass and colour in the green manure crop after just a few weeks
  • Summer 2021: significantly taller and darker maize plants; better sieve test and better digestion test
  • Harvest: 14% more cob weight!

Nutrigeo in beets ... the sequel ...

The untreated zone is suffering considerably from the heat, while the Nutrigeo strip can wait a while for irrigation.

Advice = 30L Nutrigeo when working in crop residues, 100eur/ha in IBC 1000L, already recouped with one saved irrigation!

Discover the special Gaïago range
Office October 22, 2019
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