Impact powder in the feed gives lower emissions and better fertilizer
test on piglets

Impact powder is a feed additive consisting of kaolin clay and carbon. It improves digestion, captures mycotoxins, promotes good rumen/gut biology and thus strengthens resistance. A lot of experience has already been gained on dairy cattle. Time to test on piglets.
In this first trail, we concenstrated on emissions and manure quality. In follow-up trails we also want to look at feed conversion, weights and health.

Ammonia emissions are largely determined by the feed track. We measured a 25 to 40% lower NH3 concentration in the piglets that receive 4kg of Impact Powder per tonne of feed.

In a closed bucket after 26 and 48 hours, the difference becomes more spectacular: ZERO ammonia is measured in the Impact Powder fertilizer.

The Impact Powder ferilizer has a lower pH (7.1 against 7.4) and a slightly lower EC

At the same time, the manure contains 27% more N, but mainly organically bound: 57% compared to 36%. The organically bound nitrogen (which will not evaporate or wash out) is twice as high in the fertilizer with Impact Powder

This Impact fertilizer should work better on the land. We will also test this in a potato trial in 2021.

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Watch the video below and hear the meter wail!

Manure measurement on piglets with and without Impact Powder
Impact powder in the feed gives lower emissions and better fertilizer
Office 15 July, 2020
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