Rapid build-up of soil life
strip cultivation project - Van den Borne Potatoes

On a plot of 5,5ha, Jacob Van den Borne wants to take a big step in 5 years' time towards resilient cultivation from a stronger soil life.

By applying strip cultivation, an attempt is made to provide housing for natural enemies. At the same time, pesticides are used as economically as possible to give developing soil life maximum opportunities. The photosynthesis of the plant is actively supported so that it can pump as many exudates as possible to the rhizosphere: after all, the plant also builds its own soil.

The fertilization is completely organic, with manure and improved floating blade.

In consultation with Stefan Muijtjens (LandbouwAdviseur.be) we are drawing up a complete program for soil improvement, organic fertilization and plant reinforcement. After barely 1 season, the soil already seems to have changed: the Vanhoof test indicates a higher fertilization potential by the soil life. The plants are less dependent on fast electrolytes (read: additional fertilization), and receive more nutrition from the rhizosphere.

An inspiring project, well worth a visit: the plot is located next to the bridge over the E34 between Reusel and Postel

Feel free to call for more information or a tour.

Napagro bvba, Luc Meeuwissen 23 October, 2019
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