CarbonCredits with Nutrigeo


Application of Nutrigeo engages soil life, especially fungi, by administering specific nutrients and signalling substances.

The fungi provide better structure, porosity, faster mineralisation and absorption of minerals etc.

The result is faster humus build-up and hence CO2 sequestration.

Gaïago, the producer of Nutrigeo, has had this effect extensively tested and certified by external labs. Those who use Nutrigeo for 5 years can join Gaïago's Carbon Credit programme.

Gaïago currently guarantees a carbon credit price of 30 eur/tonne CO2 equiv. for plots that meet the conditions. The conditions in brief : pH water >6 ; OS% < 2.5% ; visible structural problems (which are quasi always there ...)

The first 100 trial plots show that 3tonne/year build-up is almost always achieved, but often higher CO2 salvage of 5-6tonne/year, and occasionally an outlier of 9-10tonne/year.

Soil improvement can thus become a revenue item. The beneficial effect in crop yield and less need for irrigation comes free of charge.

Practical :

  • Soil samples Organic matter / humus : Gaïago sends a soil lab to take samples for the first application of Nutrigeo, i.e. a baseline measurement. Afterwards, monitoring is done in year 3 and year 5.
  • The farmer enters into a contract with Napagro whereby a minimum of 25L/ha of Nutrigeo is applied every year for 5 years.
  • The farmer pays a participation fee per hectare (25eur for min 20ha) for participating in the programme. This fee covers lab costs, certification and IT costs for the platform on which everything is managed.
  • In year 3, 80% of the credits obtained in years 1 to 3 are paid out, based on the bottom sample of year 3.
  • In year 5, 100% is paid out over the 5 years.
  • Farmers can choose to easily sell online through the platform, but can also sell the credits themselves to e.g. a local company that wants to offset CO2 emissions.
  • Should there be insufficient accrual in year 3 for some reason, the farmer can opt out and Gaïago will simply refund the participation fee.
  • Do you not meet the Criteria pH and OS% ? Then you can still participate, only then Gaïago will not refund the fee if you wish to exit after year 3.

Interested, but want to take it a bit cautiously ? Then do a trial on 2 plots (jugs of 20L available).  Check for yourself the better digestion with the pants test (dig in and out together) and check the structure improvement with the sieve test, observations of aggregate formation, earthworm corridors, puddles of water during heavy rainfall, etc.