Regenerative agriculture

kickstarting the cycle in a few steps

Regeneratieve landbouw moet geld opbrengen voor de boer en liefst via een goed saldo , niet via een hoop subsidies met bijhorende regeltjes. Kringlooplandbouw vraagt om eerst naar het geheel te kijken, i.p.v. elk onderdeel apart proberen te optimaliseren. Een sterk actief bodemleven is de basis van elk rendabel agro-bedrijf en dat moeten we bij elke beslissing in gedachten houden.

Regenerative agriculture should generate money for the farmer and preferably through a good balance, not through a lot of subsidies with accompanying rules. Circular agriculture requires you to look at the whole first, instead of trying to optimize each part separately. A highly active soil life is the basis of any profitable agricultural business and we have to keep that in mind when making every decision.

Cooperation between arable farmer and livestock breeder provides the balance and offers mutually more opportunities. In the other case, the intermediaries get their money's worth.

Our approach starts with slurry improvement, with a Kinsey analyse (Ca/Mg occupancy of the CEC) and a discussion about crop rotation. Getting the basics right often costs the leasts money. We work together with SoilMasters for this. EC soil scans and Kinsey analyses can be combined by them into task maps for spraeders.

Soils with a correct Ca/Mg are more efficient with nitrogen and a nicer home for biology.

Onze aanpak start met drijfmestverbetering, met een kinsey-analyse (Ca/Mg bezetting van het CEC) en een gesprek over teeltrotatie. De basis goed zetten kost vaak het minste geld. We werken hiervoor samen met SoilMasters. EC-bodemscans en Kinsey analyses kunnen door hen gecombineerd worden tot taakkaarten voor strooiers.

Bodems met een correcte Ca/Mg zijn efficiënter met stikstof en een leuker huis voor biologie.

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The supply of organic matter is essential, but in order to build up stable humus we get much further with good photosynthesis. We teach you how to tune photosynthesis.

The aim of our approach is to create a resilient, profitable crop that uses the natural repellants present in living soil.

Choosing a growth path that lies outside the domain of pathogenic fungi, oomycetes, bacteria and viruses. The path of the green arrows on the diagram opposite. We prefer to put our energy into managing the environment (pH-redox-EC) than fighting individual diseases and pests.

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Depending on the crops and their balances, the desired speed of change and the available machinery, we make a tailor-made plan.

The start does not have to be on a large surface. Better to change a few things at once in a smaller area.

Taking time to retrain, to inspect the soil is much more important.

The switch to regenerative agriculture does not only take place in soil and crop, but also between the ears of the grower.


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Switching to regenerative agriculture has many facets and stages.

You can come to us for advice on slurry quality, composting, compost tea, soil analyses (incl. biology), stone meal, green manures, crop protection reduction, adjustment with trace elements, more efficient foliar sprays.