BioComplex by EKOGEA

How does BioComplex work?

BioComplex is extracted from the brown alga Ascophyllum Nodosum using a special extraction process. This process ensures that a number of specific molecules remain intact : polyuronic acid with a very high ion exchange capacity and oligosaccharides as ideal food for microbiology.

Biology lies at the basis of numerous processes: digestion in the gut, decomposition of organic matter, methane production in biodigesters, nutrient release in the soil, manure and wastewater treatment . In all these processes, BioComplex provides better conditions and nutrition for biology to do its job better.   

BioComplex F for drinking water : Feed conversion + Animal health

BioComplex F is a liquid drinking water supplement for all animals. Intestinal biology is stimulated, leading to stronger health and better feed conversion.  Harmful gases also occur in the intestines, which are neutralised by BioComplex. 

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BioComplex S for stable hygiene

BioComplex S is atomised in stables as a 100% natural and organic hygiene agent.  Harmful gases such as NH3 (ammonia) H2S (hydrogen sulphide) are converted to the inert, harmless substances NH4 (ammonium) and elemental sulphur.

Odour nuisance is significantly reduced. Animals suffer less from lung diseases. In chicken houses, one notices drier manure and fewer problems with bad legs and blood lice. 

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BioComplex 900 for stronger crops  

Bio Complex 900 is used as a foliar application or seed coating in arable and vegetable/fruit crops. Applied to young crops, we see improved rooting and stronger rhizosphere biology.

BioComplex 900+2 is a seed coating variant that also has a repellent effect against soil eaters and birds.  

Unique Biogas concept : microniser, concentrator and H2E water treatment

Goran Dordic, R&D manager of EKOGEA, has a long track record in Bio-digestion. He has rethought the entire concept on the basis of "how do we create the best living conditions for biology in a digester ?".

  • up to 50m³ of biogas from cattle manure?
  • tot 70% kippenmest als input zonder NH3 en H2S problemen?
  • Residence time of only 8 - 10 days
  • thin fraction purification to surface water quasi without    energy consumption?

This is achieved by combining Microniser + BioComplex + Concentrator + H2E ...   Also perfectly applicable as an upgrade on existing plants. 

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Manure processing with the Concentrator + H2E

2 components from the Biogas solution are also used to process slurry.  The thin fraction from an auger press is further thickened in the Concentrator. Here, up to 95% BOD/COD reduction is achieved.  The thin fraction (grey water) is further purified into irrigation water or surface water in a simple H2E anaerobic water purifier.

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