Partner for vital,
regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Start the cycle in a few easy steps ...

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Compost tea

Release minerals , inhibith pathogens, improve soil structure, ... Compost tea has multiple functions ...
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Dairy cattle

Ruminants play an important role in Regenrative Agriculture. After all, cows and goats that are well fed produce a top product : mature manure full of life and energy ...

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Harness the power of shell lime frequencies in the field, in the greenhouse or in the stable ...

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Biocomplex : EKOGEA

Totaaloplossing voor Mestverwerking, Bodemregeneratie, NH3 reductie, Voerconversie en Diergezondheid.     Plus een uniek Biogas concept.

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CarbonCredits with Nutrigeo

Let Carbon Credits pay for your soil improvement with the Nutrigeo programme ...

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